Writing Business Proposals

Writing Business Proposals is becoming an increasingly useful programme for the managers who are liberated from an office base and encouraged to develop their own territories using a company laptop, car and mobile telephone.

The company's image in the marketplace is at risk unless there is some consistency of approach and standardisation of the quality of written documents sent to prospective customers.

Without an expert word-processor producing the documentation, a business that delegates the production of important proposals to sales executives who are excellent face-to-face communicators but perhaps less confident of grammar, spelling, layout and the conventions of written expression might not be aware, until the flow of successful contracts falls-off, that the image of their company is looking far less professional than it should.

A refresher course for executives in the field could significantly improve the success of your staff at writing effective, contract-winning proposals. Xpress Train has markedly improved performance for regional sales staff seeking major contracts by bringing them together for an intensive, hands-on review of their writing skills.

This programme could add value to your sales and marketing campaigns.

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