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"As a senior manager ... I have employed Xpress train on several occasions to provide assistance with the preparation, practice and delivery of conference presentations. Most recently, Xpress Train helped me prepare a detailed presentation which I successfully delivered at the ... conference to over 100 telecoms industry delegates in Amsterdam."

"My experience is that Xpress Train provides creative, differentiating ideas during preparation, backed up by solid, dependable coaching for effective delivery during practice, so resulting in high quality, confidently delivered presentations."

"I can confidently recommend Godfrey Room's services to businesses committed to achieving excellence in their public speaking and presentations."

- Alan - Senior Manager in an international telecommunications company

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"I recently did another pivotal presentation at a Business conference, in preparation for which Godfrey coached me. ... I had positive feedback from several directors, one of whom said my presentation was 'exceptional' and another said that my confidence and clarity reminded them of a TV presenter. Having my performance endorsed in this way only confirms that the training I have undergone has been a huge success."

"I have recently asked Godfrey to help me improve my ability to influence and create impact in meetings ... and as usual the results have been swift and extremely positive."

"The training process I have experienced has been surprisingly enjoyable and has successfully delivered on the objectives I set out with and more. Consequently I would recommend Godfrey and Xpress Train to anyone who wants to improve their communication skills."

- Lisa - Commercial Financial Manager of a major, high street, national company

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"I would like to thank you for all of your help during the past 8 months."

"I came to you in January with a speech impediment which I have had for most of my life, and I was asking for your help to overcome my concern with regard to making a speech at my daughter's wedding."

"You not only advised and coached me with the wedding speech, for which I received compliments but you also helped me to overcome my speech impediment on a daily basis. After years of stammering in just 8 months you have coached me to speak fluently and by your excellent teaching methods I now feel confident to speak in any situation."

"I cannot thank you enough for the help and confidence which you have given to me, and I have no hesitation in recommending you in the future."

- Tony - Financial Director of a major transport company

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"I must tell you that all the work you did on my voice continues to benefit my career. It must be still working because yesterday I was told by a BBC World Service producer that my voice is perfect for radio!"

- Trevor - Barrister at Law

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"I wanted, as promised, to send you a note to thank you for your entertaining presentation on Wednesday. I believe that I am an experienced presenter with good diction but you made me feel like an amateur - in the nicest possible way, making me laugh in the process. Quite an achievement."

- Jeremy Martin - Imica Business Consultants Ltd

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"I would like to pass on my thanks to you, for the training you have given me. I have found the training rewarding and helpful in securing a position within management."

"The speech training has given me excellent insights in how to improve my speech and tone down my regional accent. The speech training has also helped me with improvements to my written English."

"I would like to add, that if anyone is deciding to take their career forward in management then Xpress Train Ltd is definitely the company to call for a professional and friendly service."

- Steve Jefferies, Technical Services Manager

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"Hi Godfrey, the quick 5 min training you did with me at the last Network event, really did the trick at my talk the next day, you totaly changed my focus from me to, what do I want the audience to think, feel, do, bring back home from my delivery, also the comon ground consept and find the pain, made a huge difference. The result, I was confident, relaxed yet strong, powerful and sensitive in the delivery and it worked super. Friends got up afterward and said 'I did,nt know you were such a good speaker! Thanks Godfrey."

- Peter Svensson

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