Presentation Skills

Our unique approach to Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced and Master Class levels begins with checking for effective breathing and efficient voice projection. You have to tune the instrument before you can perform in public! The focus is upon helping each individual to make the most of her/his strengths of delivery not upon constraining anyone to fit any idealized, "text-book" model of excellence. One size does NOT fit all! This also explains why we strongly recommend that groups are kept small enough - ideally 5 or 6 - for a meaningful amount of one-to-one interaction during a short course. The ideal is, of course, to have one-to-one, exclusive, personal training! Each course is specifically designed for the customer - success is guaranteed.

We deplore needlessly dull presentations and help trainees to structure content, modulate their voices, use software judiciously so they will engage, stimulate, inform and entertain their audiences. You will also discover the critical success factors that bring results. You may well be surprised to find that they are not what most people think they are! This approach works: feedback from trainees [and their audiences!] is exceptionally positive. For twelve years, the only negatives have been disappointment that the courses weren't longer!

There is so much we would like to tell you about the excellence of our training for speakers, how it reduces distracting nervousness and makes an otherwise, often burdensome responsibility into an enjoyable, career and business enhancing opportunity. Speaking effectively before an audience is tremendously satisfying and lots of fun; the self confidence it gives is valuable throughout life as few of us will complete a career without making presentations of some kind. It is, for example, becoming a very common component of job interviews!

We will show you how to prepare, organize, illustrate, deliver and follow-up talks, speeches and presentations that will get you noticed and remembered for all the right reasons.

So many books and training days focus almost entirely upon the content of talks, ignoring the well-researched fact that HOW you communicate your ideas has far more impact than WHAT you say. Books can't listen to you and give you an honest assessment of your performance; very few course-leaders are qualified speech-trainers, able to show you how to breathe correctly. how to make voice carry easily and clearly. They may offer some pointers about Body Language and how you should carry a spare fuse in your pocket, but bringing everything together into a compelling, credible, persuasive, professional performance at an emotional and psychological level, falls outside their experience and expertise. This is an area at which Xpress Train Ltd. excels! We promise we will greatly improve your success as a presenter and speaker. Whatever your starting-point and whether you present to threes and fours or to thousands, we guarantee we will improve your performance and confidence!

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