Next New Era Academy Exams

The next examinations for New Era Academy in Swindon will be held on 6 December 2009.

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Latest LAMDA Examination successes enjoyed by...

William Bates -                 Verse Speaking       Gde 1. - Merit
Fergus Drysdale -             Acting                     Grade 2 - Merit
Tim Hill -                          Acting                     Grade 1 - Distinction
Nick Eggert -                    Public Speaking -   Bronze Medal with Merit
Eustice Vries -                   Public Speaking -   Bronze Medal with Merit

We congratulate them on their excellent achievements!

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Recent LAMDA Examinations

CONGRATULATIONS to our candidates, all of whom were very successful in recent examinations in Speech, Drama and Public Speaking.

Fraser Studley gained Spoken English Grade 5 with Merit and Acting Grade 3; Sneha Shah was awarded the Gold Medallion in Public Speaking with Distinction! She earned 65 UCAS points from this achievement. Well done, Sneha!

The GOLD MEDAL for Acting has been awarded with Merit to Mike Henley, who candidated at the London Centre. Very well done, Mike!

Mike Henley with his goldSneha Shah with her gold

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New Era Academy in Swindon

New Era Academy is an examination board that has been encouraging young people and adults to develop their performance skills in speech and drama since 1941.

As well as offering a similar range of subjects to LAMDA and Poetry Vanguard, there are opportunities to present for assessment in Interview Techniques, Bible Reading, Choral Speaking and more. Assessments are available for the very young - 3-4 yrs old - right through to mature business people and the very senior.

The last exam centre in Swindon took place in November 2008, and the next Swindon session is projected to be on 6 December 2009.

New Era Academy are opening discussions with a view to gaining NVQ accreditation for some of its examinations.

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Vanguard Examinations

Owing to the development of a widening range of examination subjects, The Poetry Vanguard has been re-named Vanguard Examinations.

The current syllabus for The Poetry Vanguard spans the period from 2009. Details are available on request. The latest public examinations in Swindon were held in February 2009.

The NEW SYLLABUS published by Vanguard Examinations is now in force.

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The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

There are some significant changes from previous syllabi. Please note that the grade ranges have been reduced and the entry level age bands raised. The highest award is now designated "Distinction" and there is no longer an award of "Honours".

The NEW SYLLABUS [2009 +] was published in March 2009 and is in force from September 2009. A positive benefit is that the exams are approved by QCA, Northern Ireland and the Welsh Curriculum Authority and so they have Government validation for NVQ (National Vocational Qualifications) equivalence at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

UCAS Points will be awarded for achievements of Pass, Merit or Distinction at grades VI to VIII for those entering examinations from 2008 onwards.

Entries had formerly to be made at least 4 weeks before the published date for the exams at a centre. Entries for ALL examinations must now be made - at the LATEST - SIX weeks before the session date.

Official deadline - FINAL ENTRY for SWINDON'S NEXT SESSION, scheduled for 21st November 2009 - is on or before 24 October 2009!

ENTRY FEES rise annually and the current fees will change from 1st August 2009 to 10 June 2010 - details are now available!

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Wootton Bassett Arts Festival 2009

A much enlarged festival with opportunities for people of all ages to enter for classes to compete for awards in Music, Singing, SPEECH & DRAMA, ACTING and CREATIVE WRITING was held on 5, 6 & 7 June 2009 just outside Swindon in Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire.

Full details are available at their website.

A truly astonishing wealth of talent was displayed by participants at the festival. A 10-yrs.-old girl playing grade VIII piano with faultless skill! It culminated in a Highlights Concert on 7 June in the presence of The Mayor and Mayoress of Wootton Bassett. Plans will soon be under way for 2010, such</ e success of the Festival.

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