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Examination Boards in Speech and Drama:

Vanguard Examinations -
Formerly The Poetry Vanguard has been in existence since 1980. Candidates are examined throughout the British Isles. It is designed to encourage the love of Poetry and the Spoken Word. In view of the increasing emphasis on communication skills in the National Curriculum, this syllabus offers the opportunity for candidates to discuss their work in increasing depth throughout the grades.

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) -
The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) is one of the oldest drama schools in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1861, it quickly established itself as a centre of excellence in performance training. LAMDA has provided theatre and the world of film and television with generation upon generation of first-class actors and expertly-trained stage managers across the world.

New Era Academy -
Since 1941, New Era Academy has offered a syllabus of graded examinations in a variety of communication, presentation and performance disciplines.

Swindon Examinations Secretary for LAMDA, New Era and Vanguard -
Click to contact Mrs P. Read, the current secretary for Swindon.


Swindon Dyslexia Centre

Other Interesting Links:

Ecademy -
Recommended: a FREE, powerful, global, internet, business networking community which can introduce you to thousands of people offering friendship, advice, social and business contacts and which could become the gateway to new markets for your goods and services! We have been members for over a year and feel sure it could be a useful means to grow your business.

Ask Your Neighbour -
a great source of information and services. It features local and national experts in many fields of expertise answering YOUR questions and queries about your local area's goods, services, issues and suppliers through to free advice from professionals from around the country. It is a huge resource and well worth exploring.

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