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Our main speciality is in adult courses. As well as small group, intensive courses for company employees, we offer one-to-one coaching sessions either on programmes commissioned by companies or to meet the needs of “private” individuals who pay their own fees. Sometimes fees are paid jointly by sponsoring company and trainee(s).

Corporate and Personal programmes are tailored to the needs of the trainee(s) following a FREE Needs Analysis.

The outline of typical course titles previously used may serve to give an indication of the areas that might be addressed in Xpress Train programmes. Clearly some of the listed titles necessarily apply only to groups whereas others target individuals but we are likely to be able to provide excellent training in most areas of oral and written communication in English.

We build courses to meet your specific needs so the titles listed just give an idea of the topics available. All our programmes are specifically designed to meet our commissioners’ requirements and so we would welcome an opportunity to discuss and quote for your exact course specifications.

Experience tells us that one size does not precisely fit all!

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Below are sample titles of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, LITERATURE, GRAMMAR  & WRITING programmes and qualification training that we provide for both corporate and individual clients. Additionally, we provide a wide range of courses focused on SPEECH and PERFORMANCE skills, including ACCENT MODULATION, SPEAKING IN PUBLIC & PRESENTATION SKILLS.  If you need support for preparing to be successful at an INTERVIEW [ on either side of the table!] for career advancement, Higher Education or for MASS MEDIA [Press, TV & Radio] we can help you.

You may be called upon to speak at a WEDDING, at a CONFERENCE, to a COMMITTEE, a FAMILY-GATHERING or in COURT!  Perhaps you are a TEACHER and find your voice is getting stressed or you have to be heard in a NOISY ENVIRONMENT?  You face an AUDITION for a role in a production or you are preparing for an EXAM in CAMBRIDGE PROFICIENCY as a speaker of English as a second or third language; you are competing for a place at UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE, OFFICER TRAINING in RAF, ARMY or NAVY - we have experience of helping people to do well in all these situations, BOOSTING SELF-CONFIDENCE, CLARITY and EFFECTIVENESS.

You are perhaps a MANAGER, SUPERVISOR or TEAM LEADER and you need to brief your team and CHAIR MEETINGS.  You work in SALES and use the TELEPHONE a lot and want to refresh your skills and polish CUSTOMER-FACING conversation skills and MAKE APPOINTMENTS and WIN BUSINESS.  If so, you know that your voice is your most important tool for achieving the success you need.  WHO will help you by COACHING YOUR UNIQUE SPEAKING SKILLS?  Not many company training days do more than say you have to be clear and enthusiastic; the less tricky part is focusing on CONTENT and NOT DELIVERY so that is where the emphasis typically remains.  It is invaluable to have an independent expert in PRESENTATION SKILLS listen to you and give you an honest appraisal of your performance and offer you plenty of suggestions for refreshing and improving your effectiveness.  What other way is there for getting detailed and encouraging feedback?  We can, all of us, keep improving - no matter how long we have been standing at the front and talking to groups of people.  We owe it to our audiences not to waste their time but to be the best we can be for everybody's benefit. 

Currently, many people who have come to work in the UK as specialists in their fields, discover how important it is to be able to communicate without the obstacle of a strong, overseas accent.  it is frustrating to be asked constantly to repeat what they say because they are not easily understood when pronunciation, vocabulary, idioms and emphases are not immediately obvious to their receivers.  Companies and individuals have benefited from asking us to help moderate accents that reduce the effectiveness of their business and social communications.  Xpress Train has helped hundreds of people from all parts of the world [ and the UK!]  to soften their accents and enjoy more relaxed and effective speaking to clients, in meetings, over the telephone and in social situations.  Ask us today about how we might assist you or a colleague or friend who might benefit from our help.



We have been helping people like you for 23 years.  Have a look at our CASE STUDIES and TESTIMONIALS.

If you do not see your particular need mentioned here, please contact us and enquire.  Everything we do is CUSTOMISED to YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS so it will be very surprising to us if we cannot offer you a programme that meets your requirements.

  CALL US and SEE!  There is NO OBLIGATION to take a programme and it is FREE to find out! 

A Complete Tour of English Grammar & Punctuation


Be Successful at English Language Exams

KS2-4; GCSE; A/S; A-L; HE

Be Successful at English Literature Exams

KS2-4; GCSE; A/S; A-L; HE

Better Business Letters


Communication Studies: Projects, Essays & Exams

A-Level G.C.E.

Creative Writing Coaching


Everything You Need for Perfect Punctuation


Making Meetings' Agenda and Minutes


Master Apostrophes & Other Common Confusables


Phrases, Clauses & Sentences: Good Grammar & Style


Rebuilding The Foundations of Good English


Sort Out Spelling


Techniques for Essays & Comprehensions


Writing Business Proposals (more info...)


Writing First-rate Reports & Papers


Writing Well for Business Purposes


If none of these seem right for you, contact us and we'll discuss exactly what we can design for your situation and/or refer you to someone we think specialises in those areas. It really is FREE to enquire!



A few words from a recent Gold Medallist

There are various reasons why people choose to do LAMDA. Some people choose it to gain UCAS points or to improve their English. However the main reason many people choose to do it is to boost their confidence and this is the reason I began about 10years ago.

 I began as someone who was shy, self-conscious and couldn’t even speak in class but now I’m confident, still a little self-conscious but now, I couldn’t imagine life without performing. I genuinely don’t think I’d even be doing any music or speaking in public without it as I’d never have had the confidence or even go to interviews and auditions so it has had a huge impact on my life. I now have 30 UCAS points at the age of 14: which I never thought about when I started but as I’ve gotten older it’s become a bonus. Something else that might appeal to some of the older students, doing LAMDA makes you stand out when applying for universities so it may be something to bear in mind.   

So there are 3 main sections of the exam. The first section consists of learning 2 pieces up to grade 6; one of them is an extract from a book and a poem. After grade 6, in addition, you must learn a sonnet. The next section is sight-reading. You have about 2 minutes to read either a poem or extract they give you and perform it. The last part is the theory which – obviously – does gradually increase the higher the grade as grade 8 is equivalent to a grade C at A-level if you obtain a distinction. LAMDA isn’t as easy as it is perceived as the theory includes in depth knowledge about language techniques, author’s history and in depth book analysis. 

At first it’s quite hard to start off and you feel as though you’re getting nowhere. But as someone who’s successfully completed 10 exams I can honestly say it was worth it. Doing the exams have developed my English skills and vocabulary enormously and has given me a secure foundation for GCSES and hopefully A-level. 

I hope this little, personal insight is helpful to you!  Good luck!


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