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Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

Emma Burois won the Xpress Train Trophy for the highest mark of the festival for public Speaking classes in 2014. She repeated her performance of her winning speech at The Highlights Festival Concert before the Mayor of Royal Wootton Bassett and and audience of distinguished guests, parents and competitors. Her compelling speech urging governments not to pay ransoms to terrorists was outstanding and won her a share in the Director’s Cup for equalling the highest mark of all classes in the 2014 Speech and Drama Festival.

RWB Arts Festival: Speech & Drama in 2018

The Festival is a very rapidly growing, annual event held in Royal Wootton Bassett close to J16 of the M4.  This year it ran on the 17th & 18th November.  It has become so popular that for the first time there were 4 adjudicators for Speech & Drama classes.

In 2019, the RWB Music Festival section - previously always held in the Summer - is to join with the Speech & Drama section in November.  This will be amazing! 

It is  a series of competitions for entrants competing against each other in defined age-group classes with many awards for those performers judged to be the best.  There is a lot of friendly rivalry but the aim is to give people an opportunity to show their work to appreciative audiences of parents, relatives, fellow competitors and interested "visitors".  You are training to speak in public perhaps?  There are classes for you to try yourself out in a safe, friendly setting with a written assessment by an expert, a certificate of achievement and perhaps a trophy, medal or shield to mark the occasion! 

There is a wide range of classes to consider from TV News Reading, Speaking in Public, Memorised Prose, Sight Reading, Speaking Verse, Reading from a Sacred Text and lots of solo, duologue and group acting and more!

in 2018, for the first time, there were 4 adjudicators.  This is a sign of the continuing growth of the festival and its popularity with teachers and students. Xpress train students again achieved excellent results in the 2019 Festival!

IMPORTANT!!  The Festival for 2020 has been CANCELLED but see the website for the alternative celebration of talent that offers YOU the opportunity to showcase YOUR talent!

Do have a look for yourself by going to to read the full details.

The Entry Deadline for the next public Festival in November 2021 is at the end of September 2021.

Monday, 31st May 2018

New Era Academy is a very reputable examination board that has been encouraging young people and adults to develop their performance skills in speech and drama since 1941.

As well as offering a similar range of subjects to LAMDA and Poetry Vanguard, there are opportunities to present for assessment in Interview Techniques, Bible Reading, Choral Speaking and more. Assessments are available for the very young – 3-4 yrs old – right through to mature business people and the very senior.

New Era Academyhas received Government/Ofqual accreditation for some of its examinations. As with LAMDA, this can be valuable for young people looking to boost their qualifications when candidating for college/university entrance and for everyone enhancing a C-V.  Although we have not had enough learners entering for NE exams locally to run a Swindon Centre at present, we do recommend the board and are able to help prepare candidates for examination upon request. 

Monday, 19 November 2018

With regret we report that John Lawton, after achieving some major improvements to Examinations Services, has moved on from LAMDA and we await the announcement of his replacement.  John visited Swindon Centre in March 2018 and said that our provision of facilities, warmth of welcome to Learners and their families and the customer care we offer is exemplary.  We thank him for the reforms he instituted and wish him well for the future.

Monday, July 23rd 2018

The LAMDA Rep for Swindon Public Examination Centre is Godfrey Room

The current SYLLABUS for all awards on offer was published on 1 September 2014 and remains current. A positive benefit is that the exams are approved by QCA, Northern Ireland, the Scottish and the Welsh Curriculum Authorities and so they have Government validation for NVQ (National Vocational Qualifications) equivalence at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

University/HE [UCAS] Points will be awarded for achievements of Pass, Merit or Distinction at grades VI to VIII for those entering examinations.

. Entries for ALL examinations must now be made – at the LATEST – SIX weeks before the session date.  There is a Late Entry Penalty of £25.00!  ALL matters concerning ENTRY for examinations are handled directly by LAMDA Examinations in London, but questions about arrangements at Swindon or questions about the syllabi / content might be e-mailed or telephoned to Godfrey.  Entry forms are downloaded from the official Academy website at  www.examinations at

SWINDON’S NEXT SESSION is being held on Friday & Saturday 29 & 30 JANUARY 2021  from 09.30 – 18.00 at

Bath Road Methodist Church, Swindon SN1 4BA. Please note that there is no onsite parking but there are 2 Pay and Display car parks near the centre.

. The entry deadline for receipt of entries by the Academy for the extraordinary January29 & 30 2021 session - which replaces the deferred July  & December 2020 exams - will be from December 2020 till 6 weeks before and in the same way the SPRING 2021 session on 17 & 18 APRIL 2021 will close 6 weeks before the first exam date.

ENTRY FEES rise annually and details of the current fees charged for the examinations held in public centres between 1st August 2020 and 31st July 2021 are now available together with the dates for each public centre session for the year 2021.. NOTE: The  current  set of syllabi came into use from August 2019 onwards!


      Spring Session:    16 & 17 APRIL 2021

      Summer Session:  17 & 17 July 2021

      Autumn Session:   6 & 7 December 2019

YOUR QUESTIONS  about the arrangements at Swindon Public Centre can be addressed to us here via  or +44(0)1793 484140

Friday, June 8th 2018

Owing to the development of a widening range of examination subjects, The Poetry Vanguard [originally founded as "The Poetry Society"] was again re-named "Vanguard Examinations".  At one time, we administered annual examination sessions for this local candidates.

The current, expanded syllabus for The Poetry Vanguard is available online but we do not currently offer a Swindon Examination Centre for this board.

LAMDA Examination  Results for Students Trained by Xpress Train Ltd. 


16 Candidates achieved  16 Passes [100%]

3 were awarded With Merit  and 13 were With Distinction

10 Candidates gained OVER 90% including ONE Pass with 100% !!     Muhilan Thooyavan achieved a record 98% at Grade 2 for The Speaking of Verse & Prose.

3 awards were for "Speaking in Public"; 13 for "The Speaking of Verse & Prose" of which 2 were OFQUAL Level 3 Awards in Communication; 1 at Grade 6 - Bronze Medal and Carmen Lee was awarded the LAMDA GOLD MEDAL - Grade 8 with 92% !!


6 Students undertook examinations in The Speaking of Verse & Prose - 2 at Grade 1, 2 at Grade 2 and 2 at Grade 3.
5 were awarded passes with Distinction and 1 with Merit.


14 candidates achieved 14 passes [100%]

3 were awarded passes With Merit and 11 were With Distinction

5 candidates gained 90% including ONE Pass with 98%

3 awards were for "Speaking in Public";  1 for "Solo Acting"; 2 for "Duologue Acting"  and 6 for "The Speaking of Verse & Prose"

These outstanding results were the outcome of considerable effort and dedication; we congratulate them all!


11 candidates achieved 11 passes [100%]

3 were awarded passes WITH MERIT and 8 were awarded WITH DISTINCTION

2 candidates gained over 90%: one for his first attempt at SOLO ACTING and

 the other.- at only 11 years of age - for THE SPEAKING OF VERSE & PROSE  at GRADE SEVEN - SILVER MEDAL! This is a very remarkable achievement and the youngest Xpress Train student ever to have gained this grade and there are probably very few indeed nationally to have matched this result!

4 AWARDS were for  "Speaking in Public"; 5  AWARDS were for "The Speaking of Verse & Prose" and 2 AWARDS were for "Solo Acting" 

Once again, these excellent performances were thoroughly deserved by our students and we are very proud of their achievements!  Well done!


9 candidates from Xpress Train Ltd. achieved 9 passes [ 100%]

1  student - though only aged 13 -  gained  her Bronze Medallion with a high Merit commendation.

8 students were awarded Distinctions, of whom 3 were at 90% and above.

Notably: Joshua Mannacherry, for The Speaking of Verse & Prose,  achieved 97%! -  the highest mark we have ever had for a student at Grade 3 - and he is aged just 9!


At the 2018 Royal Wootton Bassett Arts Festival: Speech & Drama Section held on 18 & 19 November many of our students competed with great success.  Entries for 2019 must be made by 30 September.

Preparations are now in hand for the March 2019 LAMDA Examinations.  It already appears that Swindon Public Centre has an all-time record of candidates for these sessions on 15 & 16th March.

LAMDA Examinations has announced that the syllabi currently in force have been supplemented with new oportunities!   Look for the syllabus for "Shakespeare"!

Nathan George Abraham won FIRST PRIZE  for the Bible Reading Competition for Year 6 and Under at 2019 Bristol Arts Festival  whilst a pupil  in Year 2!

He also won THIRD place in a class of 17 for Year 2 Verse Speaking!  We heartily congratulate him on two, outstanding performances: very well done! 

Announcing the new facility for customers to make payments to Xpress Train Ltd. using their debit or credit card safely through World Pay.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding using our Virtual Terminal.  See the relevant sections under "Products".  You may use this method for Tuition sessions or other payments for goods and/or services; you can be sure this is a safe and wholly secure system. 

LAMDA Examinations has announced that the examination results for JULY 2019 at Swindon Public Centre.

Xpress Train Ltd. entered 11 candidates for assessment and of these 9 learners were awarded PASS Grades WITH DISTINCTION  and 2 WITH MERIT.

Notably, Ryan Kannikkatt gained  his Speaking in Public award at Grade 5 [top of Level Two/GCSE  7-9]  with DISTINCTION with an outstanding 89%! 

The belated announcement of March 2020 results by the Academy have arrived and they are again truly outstanding!

Xpress Train Ltd.entered 10 students and they earned EIGHT DISTINCTIONS and TWO MERIT passes. 7 Distinctions were above 85%.

Notably Ryan Kannikkatt was awarded a Speaking of Verse & Prose SILVER MEDAL [Grade 7] with 91% and Abel Tharakan achieved Grade 5 [GCSE equivalent- Level2] for Speaking Verse & Prose 

with 89%.  Sharjiga Jeyam earned a very meritorious Grade 7 Silver Medal for Verse & Prose - our medallists are well below the age normally associated with these medal awards as they are OFQUAL Level 3 [ GCSE A-level equivalents]!!

Well done EVERYBODY!  

Xpress Train has ceased Face-to-face coaching sessions but is working with customers online in Zoom "meetings".  

LAMDA Academy Public examinations are attempting to re-open in July but so far only in London and Liverpool.  Swindon Centre is currently unlikely before September 2020.

Contact us by e-mail or telephone for details.

It is expected that the SWINDON PUBLIC LAMDA EXAMINATION CENTRE will next be held on 16 & 17 JULY 2021

If demand is high, it might also be extended to include Thursdau, 15 July.

You are strongly recommended to make entries in advance of the usual 6-week ahead deadline as entry applications are dealt with

in order of date received.

The NEXT  public session is projected for the first week in December 2021. 

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