By Room 23 May 2018

There are doubtless a number of people who would say about attending a wedding, "We are only here for the free beer!"  There maybe some who focus upon the food and feel that the success or otherwise of the occasion entirely depends upon the quality and quantity of the food that is served to the guests.  In fact, the comments of quite a few, on their way homeward, will centre on the lay-out, the flowers, the dress, the favours and look of the venue.

It seems to me, however, that a wedding looks - besides the making of promises in the ceremony - at the speeches as the centre-piece of the reception or wedding breakfast.  It is hear we hear for the first time, probably, of the first meeting, the story of the romance and the popping of the question.  Here we get the Best Man's risque jokes and the Father's emotional tribute to the Bride.  We meet all the family and friends and catch-up on the "Hasn't he grown" stuff!  It is the speaking and speech-making and conversation-sharing that makes a wedding a success.Heartfelt sharing of deeply-felt good wishes over a burger bun would make a great wedding, quite without bands of pipers, £2000 dress, live ban, lakes of booze and spending in a day the price of a decent deposit on a new house.  For me, it is all in the words.  ...but I would say that, 
wouldn't I? 

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