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Wootton Bassett Arts Festival 2012

A much enlarged festival with opportunities for people of all ages to enter for classes to compete for awards in Music, Singing, SPEECH & DRAMA, ACTING and CREATIVE WRITING was held on 5, 6 & 7 June 2009 just outside Swindon in Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire.

The Speech, Drama, Acting, Public Speaking & Creative Writing Section which now includes some very interesting classes in the field of Media as well will next be held in NOVEMBER 2012.

Full details are available at their website.

A truly astonishing wealth of talent has been displayed by participants at the festival. In its first year, 2009, A 10-yrs.-old girl playing grade VIII piano with faultless skill! It culminated in a Highlights Concert on 7 June in the presence of The Mayor and Mayoress of Wootton Bassett. The Festival has grown and enjoyed ever more exciting successes each year since. Plans are already well under way for 2012 such is the continuing success of the Festival.

The 2016 Syllabus has now been published and it includes a number of new classes.

Classes include:


The award of The Xpress Train Trophy for the most outstanding Public Speaker will again be made.

ENTRY DEADLINE is 30 September 2012.

Xpress Train Ltd. will again be awarding a special trophy for competition in the festival this year and is also ass0ciated with the Doreen Room Memorial Rose Bowl award.

The full syllabus may be downloaded from the wbaf site at


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Mr. B.H.

My daughters’ wedding was quickly approaching and I was definitely not looking forward to making my Father of the Bride speech. So on my wife’s’ insistence I trawled the internet in the hope of finding someone locally to give me some tuition in speaking in front of an audience. Then I found the Xpress Train Ltd website.

After an initial meeting with Godfrey I found him very easy to work with and with his help my speech was formed.

His patience and persistence to make me use the right intonation and leave pauses in just the right places was quite a challenge, but with more lessons it became easier.

On the day the nerves were kept at bay and the speech was delivered almost without fault and the jokes went down a storm. I received many comments on how well my speech was delivered, but most of the praise must go to Godfrey for his help and guidance.


I would definitely recommend Godfrey to anyone who is unaccustomed to making speeches. If you are in the same predicament as I found myself a few months ago you won’t regret asking for help.


Bernard Harvey


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Recent Examination Successes


Timothy Hill Acting Solo Grade III

Speaking of Verse & Prose Grade III

Susann Austin Speaking in Public Grade VI-Bronze Medallion

Joshua Cullen Using Spoken English Grade IV-Level 2 QCF:Distinction

Acting Solo Grade IV-Level 2 QCF:Merit

Max Curtis Acting Solo Grade III-Level 1 QCF:Distinction

Acting Solo Grade VI-Bronze Medallion:Distinction

Using Spoken English Grade V-Level 2 QCF:Distinction

Max has passed an audition and been awarded a place with The National Youth Theatre 2012

Nick Eggett Speaking in Public Grade VI-Level 3 QCF-Bronze Medallion:Merit

Speaking in Public Grade VII-Level 3 QCF-Silver Medallion:Distinction

Speaking in Public Grade VIII-Level 3 QCF-GOLD Medallion:Merit

Fergus Drysdale Acting Solo Grade V-Level 2 QCF:Merit

Speaking of Verse & Prose Grade III-Level 1 QCF:

Speaking of Verse & Prose Grade IV-Level 2 QCF:Merit

Fergus gained a Junior Silver Badge from Vanguard Examinations with Honours: 92%

Kevin Neal Speaking of Verse & Prose Grade III-Level 1 QCF:Pass

At The Wootton Bassett Arts Festival: Speech & Drama Section 2011:

Saaria Ahmed won The WBAF Cup for Solo Public Speaking [16yrs. & Over] with Distinction:85 marks

Aneela Ahmed won The Vanguard Trophy for Solo Public Speaking [15yrs. & Under] with Distinction:89 mks.

She earned a Commendation [83 marks] for Prepared Prose Reading [14yrs.&Under] Aneela also won The Xpress Train Trophy for the most outstanding Public Speaker at the Festival

Max Curtis came 2nd by 1 mark in the Solo Acting Class [14-16yrs.]

We congratulate all our students for working so hard to achieve these awards in recognition of their talent!

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