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The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

There are some significant changes from previous syllabi. Please note that the grade ranges have been reduced and the entry level age bands raised. The highest award is now designated “Distinction” and there is no longer an award of “Honours”.

The NEW SYLLABUS [2009 +] was published in March 2009 and remains current. A positive benefit is that the exams are approved by QCA, Northern Ireland and the Welsh Curriculum Authority and so they have Government validation for NVQ (National Vocational Qualifications) equivalence at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

UCAS Points will be awarded for achievements of Pass, Merit or Distinction at grades VI to VIII for those entering examinations from 2008 onwards.

Entries had formerly to be made at least 4 weeks before the published date for the exams at a centre. Entries for ALL examinations must now be made – at the LATEST – SIX weeks before the session date.

SWINDON’S NEXT SESSION is being held on Saturday, 23rd June 2012 from 09.30 – 18.30.

ENTRY FEES rise annually and details of the current fees charged for the examinations held in public centres between 1st August 2012 and 31st July 2013 are now available together with the dates for each centre.

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