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Wootton Bassett Arts Festival 2012

A much enlarged festival with opportunities for people of all ages to enter for classes to compete for awards in Music, Singing, SPEECH & DRAMA, ACTING and CREATIVE WRITING was held on 5, 6 & 7 June 2009 just outside Swindon in Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire.

The Speech, Drama, Acting, Public Speaking & Creative Writing Section which now includes some very interesting classes in the field of Media as well will next be held in NOVEMBER 2012.

Full details are available at their website.

A truly astonishing wealth of talent has been displayed by participants at the festival. In its first year, 2009, A 10-yrs.-old girl playing grade VIII piano with faultless skill! It culminated in a Highlights Concert on 7 June in the presence of The Mayor and Mayoress of Wootton Bassett. The Festival has grown and enjoyed ever more exciting successes each year since. Plans are already well under way for 2012 such is the continuing success of the Festival.

The 2016 Syllabus has now been published and it includes a number of new classes.

Classes include:


The award of The Xpress Train Trophy for the most outstanding Public Speaker will again be made.

ENTRY DEADLINE is 30 September 2012.

Xpress Train Ltd. will again be awarding a special trophy for competition in the festival this year and is also ass0ciated with the Doreen Room Memorial Rose Bowl award.

The full syllabus may be downloaded from the wbaf site at


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Mrs. E.

A German national working in Bath as an International Manager with responsibility for Europe, Mrs. E. already had degrees in Russian and Croatian and she was very keen to “lose” her German accent when speaking English. Though resident in the UK for nearly 15 years and a keen student of English [she always carried a German/English dictionary with her] she had not been satisfied with her pronunciation and wished to sound like a native Englishwoman. It was agreed that training would take place in Bath. Using help from her company’s CPD funding for the initial series of sessions and then funding herself for a further sequence of 12 sessions, she was delighted to report some 7 months later that she had been asked by a delegate at a conference to tell him what part of the UK she was from!

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Cllr A.

Was very anxious indeed about his turn to chair an annual consultation meeting between a large number of representatives of parish councils and statutary bodies, knowing that he had not done it before, had issues about clarity of speech and needed to run a very effective meeting in the face of anticipated controvertial issues arising on the agenda. His reputation was at stake and it was essential to do a good job. After only 2 sessions with Xpress Train, he reported back that the meeting had been a major success and earned him many compliments. He now felt a new confidence which was significantly improving his reputation and accelerating his political career.

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Radio Features

Godfrey has made several guest “appearances” on BBC Local Radio. Here is a recording of his analysis for The Graham Rogers Show of the very first “Leaders’ Debate” broadcast on ITV on 14th April 2010.

You can listen to the broadcast from 15 April via BBC Radio Swindon. A similar piece was broadcast on BBC Wiltshire Radio, since when Godfrey has been invited to analyse the next two Leaders’ Debates.

Listen now!

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